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Abiola Pereira Bertram was admitted to practice in Jamaica in November 2003. She graduated from the University of the West Indies having first obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting and Management, and thereafter a Bachelor of Laws Degree with Honours. She is also a graduate of the Norman Manley Law School where she obtained a Legal Education Certificate. Abiola joined the firm in 2003, and was appointed Partner in 2009. She began her practice in the field of probate and administration of estates, estate planning and preparation of wills and testamentary documents. Although she continues in that field, her practice has grown to include conveyancing of real estate including the sale and purchase of property and leases of residential and commercial property. Abiola also practices in labour law and industrial relations and has a growing corporate and commercial law practice, which includes incorporation of companies including charitable organizations and the handling of tax exemption applications on their behalf. Abiola is a member of The Jamaican Bar Association. Additionally, she has had the privilege of representing Jamaica in regional and international volleyball competitions, as a member of the national women's senior team between 1998-2002. abiola.pereirabertram@gspco.net