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Suzanne Risden-Foster was admitted to practice as an Attorney-at-Law in Jamaica in 1995. Before pursuing a career in law, Suzanne graduated from the University of the West Indies having obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours. Thereafter she obtained a Bachelor of Laws Degree with Honours and then went on to successfully obtain her Certificate of Legal Education from the Norman Manley Law School. Suzanne started her legal career when she worked for nearly two years at the Fair Trading Commission as one of its Legal Counsel advising the Commission on competition law issues. She acted for the Commission in a number of cases relating to the Fair Competition Act, including The Jamaica Stock Exchange v. The Fair Trading Commission, (unreported Supreme Court decision 1996) which involved competition and administrative law and the case of The General Legal Council v. The Fair Trading Commission, (1995) 32 JLR, 398 involving the area of statutory interpretation as to the scope of the provisions of the Fair Competition Act. Suzanne thereafter worked for over 12 years at the firm of Livingston, Alexander and Levy as an Associate and later as a Consultant in that firm's Litigation Department. Suzanne has appeared as instructing Attorney, in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and the United Kingdom Privy Council, and from time to time she appears as Counsel in contested civil and family law litigation in Chambers. Only recently prior to joining the firm Suzanne successfully appeared as junior Counsel before the United Kingdom Privy Council in Mossell (Jamaica) Limited (t/a Digicel) v. Office of Utilities Regulation, Cable and Wireless Jamaica Limited and Another [2010] UKPC 1. Since joining the Firm, Suzanne practises mainly as an instructing Attorney in the firm's litigation department where she is responsible for conducting litigation on behalf of varied corporate and individual clients in a wide area of law covering, inter alia: contentious conveyancing and land related matters; commercial matters; competition law issues; insurance law matters; personal injury claims; trade mark and intellectual property matters; probate matters; administrative law matters; and employment law and labour relations matters. Suzanne is also a highly respected family law attorney specializing in handling matters such as divorce, maintenance of spouses and children, custody of and access to children, injunctive relief, habeas corpus proceedings, division of spousal property including consensual agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, expert legal opinions and advice as to Jamaican family law and private international family law, including litigation of jurisdictional issues in international parental kidnapping and peremptory return of children cases, such as in the celebrated Lisa Hanna v. David Panton matter (unreported Court of Appeal judgment delivered 29th November, 2006), a case involving private international family law where Suzanne was the instructing Attorney who successfully represented the father; and also in subsequent Supreme Court decision in Michele Strong-Forrester v Kevin Forrester (delivered 14th September, 2007); Kevin Forrester v Michelle Strong-Forrester (delivered 2nd May, 2008); and the Court of Appeal decision in BP v RP (delivered 30th July, 2009), in which Suzanne appeared as co-counsel who successfully represented the mothers in all three decisions. Since joining the Firm, she has appeared as co-counsel in a number of unreported Supreme Court and Court of Appeal decisions involving commercial litigation, such as the related cases of Raju Khemlani v Public Supermarket Limited et al (delivered 11th February, 2015); and Raju Khemlani v Public Supermarket Limited et al, (delivered 1st May, 2015). Suzanne has presented various Research Papers at many Jamaican Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Seminars and more recently she was the Co-publisher of the Article, Flight or Right? Custody and Access in International Child Abduction Cases: Emerging Issues in Jamaica 34(2) WILJ, 145. Suzanne is a member of the Jamaican Bar Association and served for three years on the Bar Council. She also tutors Family Law at the Norman Manley Law School.