Grant, Stewart, Phillips & Co. saw its beginnings in 1977 when a group of young, zealous, confident attorneys set out to carve a niche in the legal fraternity, aiming to deliver the highest standard of legal services to their clients.

The founding partners were Lloyd Edward Perkins, Denis A. Tomlinson, Herbert W. Grant and S. Arturo Stewart.  Soon after its inception, the firm recruited Hilary Phillips who would become Queen’s Counsel, taking silk in 1998, and who became one of Jamaica’s leading attorneys in complex commercial transactions, construction claims and contracts and complex family law matters. Herbert Grant remains the senior partner with a focus on Real Estate transactions, while Arturo Stewart heads the firm’s commercial, trademark and patent departments.

Denise E. Kitson, joined the firm in 1983. She is currently the managing partner and the corner stone of the litigation and commercial departments. More recently, Abiola Pereira Bertram was admitted to partnership in September 2009. Her forte is Labour Relations and  Estate Administration. Suzanne Risden-Foster formerly of Livingston, Alexander and Levy, became a partner in January 2010. She also practices in the litigation department.

The core partnership of the firm has withstood the vicissitudes of an ever evolving practice and is responsible for the formation of the expansive and detailed platform of legal services of the highest quality with the clients’ legal concerns and holistic welfare as its focus.

The areas of practice span commercial and corporate law, advising borrowers and lenders, securitisation and mortgages.  The negotiation and litigation of construction claims and contracts, advising on banking and finance law, labour law and industrial relations and pension plans also form part of the firms offerings.  In addition, the organisation has a solid reputation of successfully handling complex family law matters

The firm also enjoys a robust telecommunications law practice and over the years has developed an enviable trade mark and intellectual property practice.

At the heart of the firm’s practice is its unwavering commitment to delivering personalised legal services to meet its clients’ needs.